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SEI Delivers Training to U.S. Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS)

Following a service connected injury or illnesses such as amputations, sight-loss, burns, post-traumatic stress and mild brain injury, many service members return to active-duty. However, successful reintegration back into life on the installation often requires the support from military civilian employees who understand these injuries and illnesses, as well as how to adapt and modify programs and services to promote successful re-engagement in Marine Corps community life.

To assist the Marine Corps in ensuring that civilian employees have the knowledge and skills required, SEI developed and delivered on-site education to both manager and front-line level employees on several Marine Corps bases throughout the U.S. and abroad. This two year training effort resulted in numerous strategic initiatives that will better serve injured/ill active duty and their family members today.

Additionally, as an outgrowth of this project, SEI is now creating a second level training that will share "best-practices" for including ill/injured service members in MWR/MCCS programs and services. This training will not only offer education to a more geographically dispersed Marine Corps audience, but also be made available to civilian personnel across all branches of service to include Marines, Army, Air Force and Navy.

Other Sample Engagements

Other sample engagements developed and delivered by SEI consultants include: