Enhancing Service Excellence

to Optimize Business Success

The Service Excellence Institute (SEI) is a global service industry consultancy specializing in service quality enhancement, workforce education and organization development. We combine understanding of the industry with broad executive education experience to inform companies on strategic issues related to service enhancement. This approach assists organizations in making informed decisions and developing pragmatic solutions resulting in high impact results.

Grounded in the belief that workforce education and organization development are key drivers toward service enhancement, SEI draws upon the expertise of both university faculty and service industry experts to provide high quality, results driven workforce education, elearning development, research and consultation. Customized programs are the specialty of SEI as it blends the expertise of experienced professionals from credentialed universities, corporate, and professional groups to offer a variety of expert solutions that address specific organization needs.

Tell us what you need and we will work WITH you to develop the partnership that delivers the solutions you are seeking.